22 de marzo de 2015

Forgotten women scientists (II): Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was a famous mathematician.
She was born on 10th December 1815 in England. Her father, Lord Byron, was a famous poet and her mother, Anne Isabelle Milbanke, was a mathematician.
She married William King and they had 3 children.
She loved music, poetry, dancing and any form of arts in general. However, her mother wanted her to have a higher education in maths and science.
Ada Byron
Image from wikipedia
She lived in the UK and she worked with Charles Babbage, a famous mathematician. He invented a machine to perform complex mathematical calculations. Ada Lovelace completed his device inventing codes to handle letters,symbols and numbers, so she was considered the first computer programmer.
She died in London in 1852. In her honor a software was named Ada in 1979.

From http://www.famous-mathematicians.com/ada-lovelace/
Written by Andrea Otero, Rosalía Rivera and Antía Varela - 3rd A (9th grade)


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