16 de marzo de 2015

Chronic insomniacs and hypertension

Some people take a lot of time to fall asleep. These people are insomniacs, and they have a bigger risk of hypertension when they take longer than 14 minutes to get to sleep. This study was developed at West China Hospital and it is the first one to test that hypertension is linked to insomnia.
This sleep disorder is the most common one in the general popupation and it was traditionally considered as a nighttime sleep disorder. However, a lot of studies suggest it is a 24-hours hyperarousal state, which doesn't allow people to feel well either during the day or at night.

From taringa.net

From http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/01/150126161759.htm

Written by Nora, Olalla and María - 3rd A (9th grade)


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