24 de xaneiro de 2016

Hoverboards come under fire

Last Christmas hoverboards were one of the most popular presents, but they came with a surprise, they get burnt. They can burn either when they are plugged in and charging or when someone is riding them, so they are very dangerous. Experts think their batteries are low- quality, they may have deffects, such as holes in their separator or impurities inside the battery. When big retailers, Amazon for example, have known about this problem, they decided to stop selling them for a time to prevent accidents.

From: // scienceworld.scholastic.com
Written by Alba Janeiro, 3rd A (9th grade)

Scientists create the toughest material yet discovered

Until now diamonds were considered the strongest material in nature, but scientists have created a new one harder than diamonds: the Q - carbon. This new material has also more properties: it glows even in the lowest light and it can be magnetized. For this reason it has many potential uses, like creating screens for gadgets or making artificial diamonds. However, scientists still have to investigate more about this new material.

From: http: //scienceworld.scholastic.com
Written by Sara Mirás, 3rd A ( 9th grade )