25 de novembro de 2015

A century of General Relativity

November 2015 marks an important date in the history of Physics because one hundred years ago, Albert Einstein wrote the equations of General Relativity.
The main idea of this theory is the fact that the space-time fabric is affected by the presence of matter.
In this video, Brian Greene explains complex concepts using simple terms.


19 de novembro de 2015

Pumpkin shortage

Pumpkin brand Libby's reports that unusually rainy weather in Illinois has affected the harvest of pumpkins negatively, but the company hopes to meet the needs of this year's holiday bakers. Pumpkins need warm weather to grow , but if there is too much rain, they don't get as big and they suffer more diseases.
Some climatologists affirm that the record rainfall in Illinois is related to climate change.

Pumpkins by Martin Doege ( Wikimedia)

From http: //scienceworld.scholastic.com/Earth-Science-News

Written by Sara Mirás, 3rd A ( 9th grade)