21 de outubro de 2014

Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton is a very famous physicist and mathematican. He was born on January 4th, 1643 in Lincolnshire, England. His mother is Hanna Ayscought and his father is Isaac Newton. They were peasants. Newton never knew his dad because he died before he was born. His mother remarried Barnabás Smith, and his stepfather didn`t want him so he returned with her grandmother until his death. Isaac Newton studied in King`s school, in Grantham, in 1660. Then he studied at Cambridge University. Newton developed the principles of modern physics. He was famous because of his idea of universal gravitation, the reflection telescopes and the theory of light. Isaac Newton died in 1727.
From wikipedia.org
Written by Laura Blanco and Tania Conde - 3rd ESO A (9th grade).

20 de outubro de 2014

Fight against cancer

In the past, we only had a radiation treatment for cancer. This treatment is based on X-rays. It's not very good, speacially for children, because it can hurt other parts of the body.
Seventy years ago, Robert Wilson had the idea of using the proton therapy. Now this charged-particle therapy is very famous, because it mainly damages the tumor. It's used in Unites States in fourteen centers and in other countries such as Germany, Italy, China or Japan.
Image from symmetrymagazine.org
Written by Antón, Carlos and José (3rd ESO A - 9th grade)

2 de outubro de 2014

Spacecraft investigates Mars' atmosphere

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft arrived in Mars at the end of September and now it's studying its atmosphere. The Red Planet's atmosphere was very thick in the past but now it's thin. This spacecraft will take science measurements. Indian's Mars Orbiter Mission, which arrived three days after MAVEN, will collaborate with NASA.
(September 21st, 2014).
 Written by Carlos Santorum (3rd ESO A - 9th grade)